We Have a Competitive Referral and Broker Program

When you don’t have the lending capabilities to finance a client, you risk losing them to another broker. Rather than take that chance, open the possibilities up when you come to Oakwood Commercial Capital Group Inc as a referral or broker. We work with you and your client to explore the capabilities we have in our large portfolio. We never forget that this client is your client, and once the deal is financed, we always refer them back to you if they come to us again.

One of the differences in our referral and broker program is that we have larger commissions than what is common in our industry. We want your office to be successful. We know that you will not work with us unless you receive a larger portion of the profits. Together, we can finance more deals when both parties have their needs met. Let us show you how we’re different.

Benefits of Joining Our Team

  • You can work anywhere in the country
  • You have our team of back office support to help you find financing for your clients
  • You get our national identity and tools to grow your own business
  • We help you with the legwork
  • We offer larger commissions
  • We have quick turnaround times for financing because we understand that your clients want to act quickly
  • We maintain your relationship with your clients
  • Your clients are always your clients
  • We value your relationships with your clients

Talk to Us About the Possibilities

Our referral and broker program is unlike others in the industry. Talk to our certified professionals to fully understand the benefits of being on our team. We want hard-working brokers to join us not just to help our company become successful, but to broaden your career and future. Together, we can find success. Email us to schedule your interview today.