Private Equity Financing

There are situations where debt financing does not quite fit the financing needs of business owners. Oakwood Commercial Capital offers private equity financing to businesses that need solutions that are not based on assets alone. At Oakwood Commercial Capital, we will look at the overall profitability of your business, and structure an equity financing solution to help you meet your goals. Many businesses use equity financing for ventures such as:

  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Business growth
  • New product rollouts
  • Acquisitions
  • Mergers

The Advantages Of Equity Financing Through Oakwood Commercial Capital

Using our equity financing program offers a number of advantages to ambitious businesses, including:

  • Fast growth
  • Stable financing for early development
  • Zero debt financing

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If you own a business, and need an infusion of capital to reach the next stage of development, contact the experts at Oakwood Commercial Capital. We have the capital resources and depth of knowledge to provide private equity financing solutions to businesses spanning every industry.