Take Steps to Obtain Working Capital for Your Healthcare Facility


One of the biggest challenges healthcare professionals face is quickly finding healthcare financing when needed. At Oakwood Commercial Capital Group we have multiple avenues for working capital, equipment acquisition, practice acquisition and partner buy out financing. We work with all types of medical professionals, including, but not, limited to, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and veterinarians. Whether you’re looking for medical equipment or a practice acquisition, we can help you take steps to stay current in the industry and expand.

How Will You Use Your Healthcare Financing?

Most loans often have restrictions on how you can use the money. Come to us with your goals and we will find the working capital that helps you:

  • Consolidate debts in one payment with a lower interest rate
  • Acquire an existing practice or buy out a partner with 100% financing
  • Lease equipment to stay current
  • Working capital to meet payroll and other expenses when insurance proceeds are held up

Call us now and ask us about healthcare financing for any reason. We have streamlined application processes that let you focus on your business. Let us show you the benefits of financing with us.