Acquire the Business Chain of Your Dreams With Franchise Financing


Many small business owners dream of opening a franchise, but often pass on the opportunity because it requires a huge amount of startup capital. Gaining access the needed capital can be challenging. Oakwood Commercial Capital Group can help you navigate through the challenge and get you the needed financing. We have relationships with national lenders who specialize in franchise financing and often have preferred franchises where industry experience is not necessary to qualify and down payment requirements are lower than a typical start-up. Whether you want to purchase a franchise itself or you simply need new equipment for your existing franchise, our professionals will be there to lend their expertise.

Benefits of Financing With Us

Our franchise financing program allows you to use your money to cover any franchise-related expenses. Other benefits include:

  • Additional funds for working capital
  • Quick closing times and few commitments
  • First-time owner eligibility
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Competitive interest rates

Flexible Financing for All

Our franchise loan programs perfect for both first-time business owners and veterans alike. We can offer loan terms of up to 25 years with other flexible options available. Our quick closing times ensure that you receive access to the capital you need to build or expand your business.

Call us now to learn more about how our franchise financing options may be just what you need to acquire the business you’ve always dreamed of.