How to Take Care of a Big To-Do List

Knowing how to manage your time and tasks is a huge part of being successful in every area of life and it’s no different in the business world. Check out these ways to take care of a big to-do list.

1. Prioritize Your List

You won’t be successful in tackling your to-do list until you prioritize what’s on it. You need to know what is most important on down to the least important. One way to prioritize is to ask:

• What do I absolutely need to get done today?

• What completed task would have the most positive impact?

Maybe you have some tasks with deadlines that need to be completed. You must do those first and prioritize them in order of when they are due or which is the most important. Other tasks may answer to the second question of which would have the most positive impact if you completed them that day. Number or create a system to prioritize your tasks and then get working on them from the top down.

2. Tackle One Item at a Time

Multi-tasking is a bit of a myth. People actually do better focusing on one task at a time. Rather than splitting your attention between two or more items, focus on one at a time. Otherwise you may rush and do things poorly or make mistakes. You will do a better job with one item at at time than you would by focusing on more than one at a time and giving each less of your attention. Think about the extra time and attention that would then be required to redo and fix mistakes. In addition your work will not be reflective of your true ability and may bring repercussions from management or less income for your business.

3. Put Like Tasks Together

One way to lighten your to-do list is to put like tasks together, called batching. If you have a bunch of things to clean, do them in a certain time-block in sequence until they are complete, focusing on only those tasks. If you need to answer several emails, set a time to do so and focus on answering emails only during that time. The same goes for ordering supplies, posting on social media, making phone calls, or cleaning up your desk.

If you prioritize your list, tackle one item at a time, and put like tasks together, you will take care of a big to-do list in no time.

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