How to Put a Personal Touch on Your Customers’ Experience

As you invest more into your business and try to grow as quickly as possible, it’s easy to forget about your customers’ experience. This is a fatal error that can drive your customers away, and your business will only be valuable or effective if you can draw an increasing and steady customer base. Before you start getting to obsessed with applying for loans or in purchasing capital, reflect on the incredible value of personalized customer service.

Training your Employees

First, make sure that you and your employees are always going the extra mile. For example, if you’re a service oriented company, always reach out to give friendly minders to your clients about any upcoming due dates, ask them for their honest opinion about how happy they are with your services and remind them of any additional services that they might like. If you’re offering any promotions, make sure to let your current clients know, they’ll generally be grateful for the information, even if they don’t take advantage of it. If you can maintain dialog with your customers, you can keep them interested in your services and you can learn how to adapt your services to match their needs.

Personalize your Marketing

The next step towards personalized customer service is to avoid automation. No customer likes getting emails that lack a human touch, and if your business is small enough, you should consider avoiding automated phone services. It’s so annoying to deal with the limited options of an automated customer service line, and you won’t anger your customers if you always reach out to them as much as you can. Obviously, if your business grows to tremendous sizes, you may have to incorporate some automation. However, that doesn’t mean that you should get rid of the occasional personal email or personal phone call to get some feedback and to ensure that your customers are happy with your services.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Next, try to streamline your interactions in many areas. If your customer service email and phone service are not perfectly integrated, you can anger a customer by making them think that you’re not paying attention to them. If a customer sends an email and then follows up with a phone call, whoever picks up the phone should be aware of the email. Invest in CRM software to help streamline your communication within departments. Remember, automation is helpful if it helps you maintain a personal and attentive connection with your customers. Once you have a powerful, personalized customer service plan, the support that you gain from loyal customers will help you grow quickly.

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