How to Make Your Small Business Socially Conscious

More and more, today’s businesses are being required to be socially conscious by their employees and customers. As an entrepreneur, building a socially conscious company will help you succeed. Here are some ways to establish social consciousness in your small business, create a social mission, and make it part of your company’s identity.

Set Achievable Goals

List realistic goals that can be achieved within six months. These goals should:
• Focus on immediate issues within your community.

• Incorporate solutions with resources on hand.

Bring Your Employees On Board

Involve your personnel, so they understand why your business needs to be socially conscious. Form a social responsibility team, whose members should be:
• Enthusiastic about helping others.

• Able to fulfill actionable tasks.

• Capable of launching in-house and external awareness campaigns.

Engage in Philanthropy

Donating funds or resources to local charities can directly impact your community. If you are cash strapped, you could set up a donation box or organize a fundraising event. Encouraging your employees to volunteer as a team will create bonding. Make your efforts ongoing with scheduled contributions and hosting of annual events. Collaborating with other like-minded organizations will supercharge donations.

Ethical Labor Practices

Social consciousness begins at home. Ethical labor practices should include:
• Treating your personnel with dignity and respect.

• Valuing your employees’ work.

• Providing growth opportunities.

• Paying fair salaries.

• Creating a healthy and safe workplace.

Pay Attention to Your Environmental Impact

The public is paying increasing attention to environmental issues, so it’s important for your company to reduce any adverse environmental impact. Some ways to achieve this are:
• Wherever possible, create a paperless environment.

• Participate in recycling programs.

• Install eco-friendly plumbing and lighting.

• Establish energy-efficient policies.

• Encourage car pooling.

By being socially conscious, you will help create a successful business that is valued by your community. However, no matter how socially responsible you are, your business will need funding from time to time. Oakwood Commercial Capital Group is here to assist you. Please contact us to see how we can help you grow your socially conscious business.

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