7 Important Elements to Include When Creating Pediatric Health Environments

Designing a space dedicated to pediatric health can be tricky. While you obviously need the space to be every bit as functional and convenient as any other health clinic or hospital, you also need it to have an atmosphere that will help a distressed child feel more comfortable.

Here are some elements that every pediatric health space should have.

Pediatric Health Spaces Should Be Welcoming to Children and Families

Even though nobody really likes to be in a healthcare clinic or hospital as a patient, any pediatric health space you have should still be welcoming to young patients and their families. They should have relaxing, recognizable, and non-threatening imagery that can appeal to children of all ages, including teenagers.

Artwork, Floors, and Other Design Elements Should Give Your Pediatric Health Space a Soothing Character

You should pay close attention to wall colors, artwork, floor patterns, and other design elements to make sure that your environment is as soothing as possible.

Your Space Should be Comfortable

Even though you will have a space that is scaled to suit children, they should still be functional and comfortable for patients’ parents and your staff.

Your Space Should be Age-Adaptive

Children have different requirements at different ages. For example, a teenager will require more privacy than a toddler. Make sure that your pediatric health space is designed for children of all ages.

You Should Allow for Personal Spaces

All patients should have personal spaces where they can be alone. Even young children should have an opportunity to control a room’s lighting, sound, and privacy. You should also include a space for your younger patients to play, since that is an oft-ignored form of relaxation for children.

You Should Encourage Family Involvement

Visiting family members should have spaces where they can interact with their children. This can mean anything from visiting areas to places to eat a snack to assisting with child care.

Your Patients Need a Place to Escape

Even the sickest children will need a place to escape once in a while, so provide areas such as playrooms, gardens, and other places that can take a child’s mind off of their illness or injury.

For more advice on how to properly design a cost-effective pediatric health care environment, contact Oakwood Commercial Capital Group today.

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